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In Vitro Blood Lab

CLINIMARK services include a ‘Blood Laboratory’ for In Vitro testing with human blood.  This laboratory is used to simulate various configurations of the human environment.  It utilizes a pulsatile pump to simulate the heart.  A tonometer simulates the lungs and is used to change the Analytes in the blood (for instance the oxygen saturation can be changed from 100% to 0% and held exactly steady - other Analytes include Met-hemoglobin, Carboxy-hemoglobin – low total hemoglobin can also be created).  Several types of cuvettes are used to simulate a human tissue site.

One of the In Vitro human blood fixtures is shown below – the beaker on the left is human blood oxygenated to 100% Saturation; the tonometer on the right contains human blood with 0% oxygen – note the significant difference in color between the two.

Please contact Clinimark at (+US) 303-717-4820 for more information.

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